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We are always grateful for feedback from our clients and sometimes we are moved at just how powerful some of these safari experiences can be, here is a comment from one of clients who recently visited Botswana - and some amazing photographs! Hi Jamie I have started and stopped emailing you about 3 times as words were failing me when trying to thank you for your help. I had the most amazing time, life changing experiences at both camps. I thought my husband would get bored but he loved every second of every day. Actually he requested full days out at both lodges, leaving for early morning drive and only getting back about 6:30/7pm. I took some awesome pics, loved the staff and Botswana blew m

Ballooning over the Okavango Delta

Not that long ago it wasn't possible to do a balloon safari in Botswana. The experience has been made famous in the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, more recently in Namibia too, but there are now a couple of places where you can float over the wilderness and enjoy the vast beauty of the Okavango Delta from above - Vumbura Plains, Wilderness Safaris. Pretty cool... Hot air balloons have to fly within the first hour of sunrise, when the cool, calm, weather of early morning provides the conditions required for safe enjoyable flight, so it is limited to specific camps. Speak to us to find out more. #OkavangoDelta #Botswana #Ballooning

5 Iconic Trees to find on Safari

Most of our clients come to Africa to see the big and dangerous game, but there is a lot more to enjoying this wonderful continent and the amazing habitats - here are 5 iconic trees to look out for while in Southern and East Africa! The Baobab Probably the most iconic tree in Africa, this majestic tree grows huge and distinctive. As legend goes, the baobab was planted in the earth upside down by a disgruntled hyena who was angry because the gods had given each animal a seed to plant – in order to green the world – and he was left until last. The baobab is spread through much of sub-saharan Africa in dry savannah habitats and is easy to recognise with it’s large swollen trunk and branches, an

5 of the BEST - WINE ESTATES in the CAPE

​​ Almost all our visitors to the Cape make their way into the fabulous wine lands, be it on a day trip or for a few nights to soak up the atmosphere of this incredibly scenic region. Here are 5 of the best estates to visit, for classic architecture, fine food or restaurants and of course wine tasting! Rust en Vrede For 321 years Rust en Vrede has stood peacefully among the vineyards of Stellenbosch. Through centuries there were periods when wine was produced, but for the last 32 years their family have specialized in producing only red wine with the focus on Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot. Many accolades have been bestowed upon the estate and some of the more memorable were when Rust en Vrede

Nxabega Botswana - revamped and reopened

Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp combines more than just two worlds - the remote and wild game viewing experience of Botswana’s lush grasslands offsets the intricate detail of the hidden world of the Delta’s waterways, while the simplicity of canvas merges with the elegance of an exclusive club. A beautiful view of reed-filled waterways and a sparkling lagoon in front of the camp, entice guests to discover the many wonders of this incredible location. Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp is known for its elegant tented accommodation and array of safari adventures. Nine tented suites, decorated in earthy hues feature lovely ensuite bathrooms and spacious, private decks that boast a romantic sala - creati


Well we do love Botswana and safaris to Botswana so we decided to create a website dedicated to all things Botswana! Have a look, be inspired... www.botswanasafaricompany.com

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Thanks for finding us! We thought we would get with the 21st century and write our news on our own website rather than post if to facebook and other social media streams, we hope you find it informative and easy to use!

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