Having fun with a TRAIL CAM

Whether your area of interest is studying, observation, or surveillance, a trail camera can be a fun tool for capturing close-up photos and video of wildlife or other people, remotely and discreetly. You can get clear, detailed images of animals without running the risk of scaring them off by strapping a camera to a tree or post and set it to take shots automatically while you are back in camp. You just don't know what you are going to get - and therein lies the fun of a trail cam. For anywhere around $100 this can add a really fun dimension for your kids (and adults) on your next safari! Motion detection can be set to trigger the camera and will most likely give you the greatest number of s

The Cape Floral Kingdom - World Heritage Site

The Cape Floral Region, one of South Africa's eight World Heritage sites, comprises eight protected areas stretching from the Cape Peninsula to the Eastern Cape, cutting across spectacular mountain and ocean scenery and containing some of the richest plant biodiversity in the world. The region was the sixth South African site to be inscribed on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco). Unesco's World Heritage Committee declared the 553 000-hectare Cape Floral Region to be of "outstanding universal significance to humanity", describing it as "one of the richest areas for plants in the world". The Cape Floral Region "represents le

Desert Lion Project

Namibia supports a unique population of desert-adapted lions that survive in the harsh Namib Desert. The “desert” lion is a prominent feature in Namibia and is highly valued, both aesthetically and financially, by the growing tourism industry. Namibia has received international recognition (e.g. CITES) for successful conservation efforts, such as the Communal Conservancy Programme, which has lead to significant increases in wildlife numbers, especially in the arid areas. With the growing wildlife populations, however, the conflict between lions and the local people has intensified as lions are killing livestock more regularly. In protection of their livestock, farmers often shoot, trap, or p

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