South Africa's Top 10 Restaurants - c/o

South Africa’s shining culinary talents were honoured at the 2016 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards on Sunday, 20 November. Meet the Top 10 restaurants in South Africa right now. 1. The Test Kitchen (Woodstock, Cape Town) For an unprecedented fifth year running, Luke Dale-Roberts takes the number one spot. This is food entertainment as richly layered and engrossing as a well-written film. The menu is constantly evolving: Luke has just introduced a new 21-course menu, but his mantra doesn’t change. The focus is on flavour, flavour, flavour. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Highlights: Peking-style quail breast tucked into a mouthful of paper-thin pastry; tender drumsticks of confit

$4000 for Conservation

One of the most satisfying aspects of our business is supporting conservation and making a difference. In 2016, thanks to the clients that traveled with us, we donated over $4000.00 via the Wilderness Trust to the Desert Lion Project in Namibia and the Gorilla Habitat Expansion Project in Rwanda. Please read more on our conservation page. #conservation #Namibia #Rwanda

Zambia Exploration - Day 3 & 4

The rest of my time in Zambia's Busanga Plains was spent exploring the plains and some of the regions beyond the plains. It is an amazingly wild area and although it is accessible by road and the public, it is a long way to get there and we did not see another vehicle once! It is true, untouched wilderness and a wonderful place to discover especially if you have seen other mainstream safari regions! #Busanga #Zambia #WildernessSafaris #Photography

Zambia Exploration - Day 2

Day 2 in Zambia saw us flying directly from Livingstone to the Busanga Plains in norhtern Kafue National Park - a very convenient and efficient route that would be a long, cumbersome trip doing it any other way! From when we arrived we went straight on game drive and saw some amazing elephant herds moving across the plains. The sunsets are amazing for two reasons, its extremely flat so you see the sun all the way down to ground level and secondly there is a lot of haze and smoke in the air, making for diffused light into the evening. Early the following morning we were up and out to the balloon for a trip over the plains - a truly sensational experience and one that is included for stays of

Battlefields & Bush

If you are remotely interested in War and history, then a trip to the Kwazulu Natal battlefields is the way to go. I recently took a trip to Three Tree Hill at Spionkop to soak up some history and naturally do some game viewing at the same time. This lovely, eco-friendly lodge is set against the magnificent backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa, and overlook the secluded Mfazimnyama Valley of the Spioenkop Game Reserve. The Lodge boasts a handful of hiking trails and offers guided walks into the neighboring Spieonkop Nature reserve. However, the guided day tour of the battlefield is a must! Our guides ability to tell the story of the events that took place at the Battle of Sp

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