Predator Playground - the Mara Reserve, Kenya

The Mara Reserve is another of the richest destinations where you are guaranteed to see a lot, even when the migration is not there - elephants, general game and predators are plentiful, landscapes are remarkable and there are plenty of lodges to choose from. It is also one of the few places where you can see relaxed black rhinos in East Africa. This is a great way to round off any East African experience and add to your list species that you might not have seen elsewhere! #Photography

Serengeti Safari - Landscapes and wildlife images from one of the most beautiful places on earth!

I have had a fascination with the Serengeti for a long time, the plains, the wildlife, the migration - inspired by the books of Hugo van Lawick and of course countless documentaries by Alan Root, Animal Planet, BBC and so many others. On our trip we started in central Serengeti and worked our way north - the scenery is just mesmerizing, some of the most beautiful drives with rolling plains and wildlife as far as the eye can see. The migration had already returned to Tanzania from Kenya, early this year, so we didn't see much of the exciting river crossings, but we didn't go specifically for that. I wouldn't bank on seeing that action at any time because it is unpredictable. The lead wildebee

Visiting the Maasai - Tanzania & Kenya Safari

Visiting the Maasai or a Maasai village in Tanzania is a worthwhile experience, to get insight to the traditional lives of this famous African tribe - whose villages you will see through much of northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. They will often put on a dance for you, guide you through the village, showing their animal enclosures and take you inside their huts. It is important to know that most of these 'villages' are set up for tourists and they are hoping you will empty your wallets by buying beadwork and crafts, and also to support their schools etc. It is usually $50 per vehicle and then you can enter, get the tour and buy crafts. I have learnt however to see past the commercially dr

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania - a uniquely rich and fascinating place!

I spent a day and a half in the crater on my last trip, in one day we saw 6 different lion sightings, elephants, buffalo, black rhino, cheetah, and thousands of wildebeest and zebra and so much more - a wealth of birds too. While there are often a lot of cars in the crater, they can easily be avoided and you can only marvel at what an amazing place this is... #Photography

Gorilla moments to savour for a Rwanda Safari

What an incredible experience each gorilla hike is, this was definitely the easiest of the hikes I have done, a 25 minute walk to the park boundary and and a 10 minute hike inside the park to the gorillas. The previous day they were at the park boundary and not a minute's walk. We sat close to the Silverback for much of the hour, and lots was going on all the time. The Kwitonda family is big, around 30 individuals, and it seems likely that a male will split off with some of the females and start a separate group. One of the males in fact managed to mate with a female before the Silverback heard the news and sent him scurrying. #Rwanda #gorillas #Photography

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