Surpassed my Wildest Imaginings - Luxury Southern Africa Safari

First and foremost, thank you for the trip of a lifetime. From the very first email exchange I could tell that you were not only an expert in African safaris but also deeply passionate about the animals, as am I. What also struck me, and the reason we chose you, was that you made us feel important. You were open to suggestions and willing to customize a trip to our specific desires, rather than suggesting we go with a more formulaic model. I have told everyone I have spoken to since returning that despite researching, planning, and dreaming about this trip for three years, it STILL surpassed my wildest imaginings. It was brilliant of you to have us go to three different locations for game dr

CULTURAL SAFARIS - learn more about traditions and customs from tribes in Africa.

A trip to Africa conjures up vivid images of the exotic tribes that have inhabited areas of the continent for centuries. But there is such cultural diversity in Africa - both from country to country; and even within certain countries. It is important to understand how they differ and how you can experience them. Most people’s concept of culture on safari is probably derived from the Maasai, who live in close proximity to the main safari regions in Kenya and Tanzania. They have proudly kept their traditional wear of brightly coloured cloths, and their tall figures, set against the grassy plains, make a striking, memorable image. In addition to their high jumping dance performances, many are

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