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walk, hike, bike, kayak, dive, horse ride...

For many travellers the idea of sitting in a vehicle all day and every day for the duration of their travels is not appealing. Fortunately, there are a number of destinations that have more active options available.


Many of these activities are limited to reserves or properties where there is no dangerous game or at least only a few dangerous species. If there are dangerous species around you will inevitably require an armed guide and or tracker. However while in the Cape region of South Africa for example, we can easily arrange a hike up Table Mountain, a cycle through the winelands or kayaking amongst whales. In the Kruger National Park you can hike for days in pure wilderness areas. In Botswana you can ride horses or quad bike across the Makgadikgadi pans and kayak through watery channels. In the Serengeti you can cycle or ride horses across those famous plains. In Zimbabwe you can paddle down the Zambezi. In Uganda you can trek for gorillas and chimps. In Tanzania you can trek up Kilimanjaro or some of the craters near Ngorongoro. In Kenya you can ride camels and horses among plains game. Some experiences are basic and adventurous while others are part of a luxury offering, whatever you choose though, getting out of the car can be a wonderful way of connecting with nature...


Ever imagined what it would be like to camp on an island in the middle of the vast watery wilderness of the Okavango Delta or horse-riding the golden, grassy Kenyan plains? What about joining an animal capture and translocation team and getting up in the thick of the action as an elephant is darted or a leopard collared? Try a canoe trail down the mighty Zambezi River, a bike ride through rocky terrain of Botswana's Tuli block or a walk through the gorges and valleys of the Kruger National Park. In some cases you may only have a bedroll to sleep on and some simple food for the night but you will be looked after! These safaris are not only for hard-core Bear Grylls type but for anyone with a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors - all you need is that curiosity to explore and experience!


Make this part of a more extensive itinerary or a complete journey, either way once you have experienced any of these safaris you will have reconnected with mother earth and have a clearer outlook on life!

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