Zambia's undiscovered beauty is quite literally, a feast for the senses, in addition to it being the friendliest country in Africa. This welcoming country has over 30% of its land allocated to National Parks. Not only is there an array of some of the world's biggest and best game parks to choose from, such as the vast Kafue National Park or the famous South Luangwa, but there are many safari activities available too.


Whether it's a canoeing safari along the game-rich shores of the Lower Zambezi, or tracing the footsteps of history's wilderness pioneers, into the Zambian interior on a mobile walking safari through the North Luangwa National Park, you are sure to find something in the spectacular wildlife and scenery to thrill and amaze you. The iconic Victoria Falls, can be beautifully viewed from Zambia too!


Time spent in this promised land, offers a multitude of wonder and aesthetic delights - sure to satisfy even the most discerning fo travel palates:


  • Go on intimate walking safari's and take in the spectacular sightings of elephants, hippos, and even lions

  • Spot great herds of buffalo and elephant, and then marvel at a supporting animal cast that includes leopards, crocodiles, deafening hornbills, and innumerable antelope

  • Appreciate the liberation of an untouched wilderness where there are no roads, no motors, but instead the distinct soundtrack of nature

  • Spend time at one Africa's great rivers, the Zambezi River

  • Marvel at the majestic Victoria Falls from many different angles

  • Take a tour to Livingstone Island on the lip of Victoria Falls, and savor surreal views of what the locals call “the smoke that thunders”

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