South Africa truly is the world in one country. As a land of abundant diversity, she offers everything, from oceans and mountains, to savannah grasslands and bush - not to mention the fascinating ancient cultural heritage that manifests in a variety of different languages and customs, South Africa truly is the land of big skies infinite opportunties.


From a big-game viewing and photography perspective South Africa's best experiences are centred around the Kruger National Park and surrounding private reserves. Within the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, which borders the Kruger National Park to the west, are South Africa's premier lodges; MalaMala, Singita and Londolozi - to name but a few. Most of theses lodges were hunting operations and over the last thirty years have converted themselves to photo safari operations. These exclusive destinations offer excellent game viewing and off-road driving. You can expect luxurious accommodation, a dining sensation and world-class rangers.


Another of South Africa's treasures, the Eastern Cape, has emerged as an excellent safari destination and is a perfect extension of a garden route drive. This region is malaria-free, and somewhat different to the Kruger environment, in that the ecosystems are smaller, and in many cases are the result of rehabilitated farmlands. .


Tourism networks in South Africa are well developed and there are regular and safe flights to almost every part of the country. South Africa is extremely modern in comparison to most African countries with hi-tech medical facilities and first-world business zones.


At Conservation Safari Company, we advise first-time safari visitors to make South Africa their first port-of-call. From here, you can get a rich sense of Africa, and then venture to try countries to the north. South Africa offers visitors every safari option, from camping and hiking, through to the most luxurious lodges, making it the perfect all-round holiday experience. While we will tailor your safari to suit your budget, a  good rule-of-thumb to bear in mind, is that quality game viewing equals quality pricing.


South Africa revels in its diversity: a place where untamed wilderness meets lavish comfort, and a ‘Rainbow Nation’ of cultures rolls out a stunning variety of welcomes. From iconic safari lodges and breathtaking beaches, to sparkling coastal cities and world-class vineyards, South Africa really does have it all.