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There are a selection of lodges that encourage families to go on safari and there are many that have special children's clubs and activities available, making your family holiday an easier and more pleasant experience. Here is what we look for in suitable family safari destinations;


Suitable accommodation. Depending on how old your children are, you may want shared accommodation, a family suite or inter-leading rooms, to know that they are happy and safe.


Activities. Destinations are chosen that offer a range of activities - long game drives are not always entertaining for children but if you can break it up with walks, horse rides, mountain biking, swimming, cooking in the kitchen, learning from the guides - this will all turn your safari into a very entertaining time for your children.


Safety. It is important to choose camps that are suitably safe for your age children - for young children in big game parks it is important that the camp is fenced.


Health. It is important to understand malaria and its prevalence in an area.



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