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Please download and read our Pre-Travel Document on this page for more detailed information.


It is a condition of booking with all safari outfitters that you have the correct comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover yourself, as well as any dependants/travelling companions for the duration of your trip to Africa. When it comes to making a critical decision in the case of an emergency it is essential that all the service providers have your Insurance Company, Policy Number and a 24hour contact number.





For travelers visiting South Africa with Children, please download and read the PDF document to 'South Africa Children & Visa' - specific documents are required.


Please be advised that visa requirements are subject to change and that visa procurement is the responsibility of the traveller and not Conservation Safari Company. Please also ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your planned date of departure from Africa and that you have enough blank pages in your passport for all of the visas you require.


The majority of visas in Africa can be obtained at the border however it is essential that you check the visa requirements of every country you will be visiting with the local embassy, consulate or a reputable visa handling company for the most up to date visa information before you travel. African countries are in a continual state of political flux and visa requirements can change overnight.


There are a few basic health matters that require care and attention – please consult your medical practitioner and check with your health department/travel clinic prior to departure from your home country, in the event there have been changes in the health regulations of the country you are visiting.


The primary concern for travellers in Africa is Malaria, Yellow Fever, Tsetse Flies and Ticks. Malaria is prevalent in specific areas and usually during the summer months - most travel doctors will recommend malaria tablets. Please read our pre-travel document on this page [pdf] and also consult the World Health Organization website for detailed information or the Centre for Disease Control website.


Luggage Weight Limits


Please take note of the weight limits for travel in the region and take particular note if you are flying on a light aircraft to any of the private and more remote destinations. Typically luggage is limited to a total of 20kg (including hand luggage) but in some cases is 15kg or 12kg in soft bags only - no hard cases or soft bags with frames!


Most regional flights have a 23kg check-in baggage limit with a total of 7kg carry on.


before you travel


Good quality sunglasses - preferably polarized. 

  • Sun hat 

  • Small flashlight 

  • Golf-shirts

  • T-shirts and long-sleeved cotton shirts 

  • Shorts/skirts and Long trousers/slacks - the half zip off type are great 

  • Track suit 

  • Underwear (sports bra recommended on game drives as the roads can be bumpy and uneven) and socks 

  • Good comfortable shoes (running/tennis shoes are fine) 

  • Light weight sandals are nice while in camp on warm days 

  • Swimming costume 

  • Warm winter jersey 

  • Warm Anorak or Parka and scarf / gloves for the cold winter months 

  • Light rain gear for summer months 

  • If you wear contact lenses, we recommend that you bring along a pair of glasses in case you get irritation from the dust 

  • Light weight binoculars 

  • Bird book if you are a keen birder 

  • Personal toiletries (basic amenities are supplied by most establishments) 

  • Malaria tablets (if applicable)) 

  • Moisturizing cream & suntan lotion 

  • Insect repellent e.g. Tabard, Rid, Jungle Juice, etc 

  • Basic medical kit (aspirins, plasters, Imodium, antiseptic cream, Anti-histamine cream. a prescription of general purpose anti-biotics from your doc is useful ) 

  • Visas, tickets, passports, money etc 

  • Waterproof/dustproof bags/cover for your cameras.


Please note that the majority of people bring too much clothing. Most camps offer free laundry service on a daily basis to wash clothes regularly. Bright colours and white are NOT advised whilst on safari nor are sensitive items of clothing like silk or cashmere which may be damaged.


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