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The threats which face wildlife and wild places in Africa are many and complex! In order to preserve this for future generations, we need to be pro-active and also support effective organizations that are also making a difference. Safari travel is playing the most vital role in conservation right now!


Every single person who visits Africa through us is making a difference. On the smallest level, your presence in a park through going on game drives and safari walks, is a deterrent to poachers. Inevitably your park fees go towards essential reserve maintenance, anti-poaching and waterhole maintenance. For the companies operating on a higher level, your contribution goes much further and often includes research funding, and a community engagement, education, and employment program. Without these programs the communities living alongside parks and reserves would see no value in the park, and would only seek to hunt out animals for protein.


"The communities that live alongside the world's parks and reserves now hold the key to the survival of our wilderness areas and to its wildlife - they will need to 'own' the wildlife through being integrally part of, and at the heart of an inclusive safari tourism industry; if not, these communities will own the wildlife in their cooking pots! Conservation tourism is a route to developing a thriving wildlife tourism industry in partnership with local communities, so that these communities start to see wildlife as their asset and not a menu item - these communities, in turn, become the best conservators."

Safari travel will play an even bigger role in this relationship in the future. The only way that wildlife and wild places will be preserved is through expanding areas under formal protection and these need to be funded by successful, inclusive tourism initiatives.


We take 1% of the value of every luxury African safari booked with us, out of our pockets, to support these projects or organisations, because we want to make a difference!

In addition to supporting selected projects, we have researched many of the safari providers and lodge operators to find out exactly who is actively protecting wildlife and supporting local communities - and doing what they say they are doing. So that when you book a trip through us, we can channel our knowledge and make your trip even more purposeful.


Please click below to read more about the programs and organizations we have supported.

If you would like to do a safari and know that you are having a real impact and making a significant contribution to conservation and communities, please view our Impact Safaris page.



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