Intimacy, interaction, immersion, scale, diversity; these concepts help to define the African experience and provide the clues as to why African safari offers some of the planet's greatest travel experiences. The inimitably of the experience is not restricted to nature. There's an all-encompassing quality to an African safari, the evocative theatre complimented by an exceptional interior. Accommodation, guides, cuisine, transport, sublime surprises; each facet of an African safari experience both blends with the environment and enhances the idiosyncrasy. 


We are always envious of someone that has not been on safari before and is about to plan a trip. Knowing the joy you will experience when seeing your first wild lion, watching the sunrise in Africa, hearing the trumpet of an elephant, the smell of the grass, the smile of our people - you will be moved, quite possibly to tears! 


What makes a good 'first safari?'


  1. Seeing a good variety of all the species you should see on a traditional safari. Lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo are the famed 'Big 5' and for most folks on their first safari they want to see these animals and we know some good spots where you should! In many cases, you will see them multiple times! 

  2. Good guides are essential, they can make or break your experience, so we ensure that where you are going has good guides. Naturally, we only choose destinations with good guides but in some cases, at more adventurous places and for more experienced travellers, the guide's skills are secondary to experiencing the place itself.

  3. We like to use upmarket lodges and camps where we know you will be comfortable - nothing too exotic, adventurous or testing for your first experience.

  4. We choose established destinations with reliable travel networks, that are easily accessible - no rough transfers or tricky connections so that the whole experience is a positive one with minimal stress.


If you are taking your first safari, we would be honoured to plan it for you, so that you can feel the joy that we did many moons ago, when we fell in love with Africa.



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