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The heart of Uganda’s lush volcanic forests profiles Africa’s raw beauty and diversity. Climbing high into dense rainforest mountains, you will look for the impossibly gentle mountain gorillas, spending intimate time with these giants. 


Uganda’s misty and lush forested mountains in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a bucket list experience, not to be missed. Spend time exploring the spectacular beauty of these volcanic slopes, learning of the individuals and wildlife that still call the region home. The ultimate moment of this forest time is inevitably standing face to face with a seven-foot tall silverback mountain gorilla while he permits you to observe his family in their natural setting. Few experiences evoke more awe and inspiration than the hour you will spend with these gentle giants. 


Uganda however, has 10 national parks and various large and small game reserves. The endowment of natural resources, mostly covered by large vegetation and huge expanses of tropical forests that are rich in flora and fauna has made the country a home to unique physical landscapes, lakes and rivers. All these physical attributes provide a habitat for the diverse wildlife that forms a bedrock of Uganda's tourism industry.


Uganda boasts over 330 mammal species, of which 0 are critically endangered, 7 are endangered, 21 are vulnerable, and 17 are near-threatened. The wealth of invertebrate life of more than 100,000 species have been identified countrywide and an astonishing 1,200 butterfly species, including almost 50 endemics, have been recorded.


Here, both animals and nature are in complete harmony with each other. A wide range of wildlife exists in the national parks and game reserves, providing one of the distinctive tour destinations on the continent. Parks like Kidepo Valley and Queen Elizabeth are easily accessible yet not crowded, offering a wonderful game drive and wildlife experience.


These parks offer safe and excellent safari opportunities since all national parks and game reserves, wildlife animals, and all visits to the parks are monitored and carefully protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority with its team of rangers.




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