Botswana is an epic performance of wild drama on a truly breathtaking scale. Rain writes the script, perennially transforming dusty red desert into lush swamps, immense floodplains, and vibrant savannas. The characters endear and inspire, migrating and congregating in their thousands as the acts unfold. Hippos cover entire riverbeds, hundreds of elephants arrive on cue, and majestic big cats deliver earth-shaking lines. There are no rehearsals, and no release from the director’s spell. You are perpetually surrounded by the stage – and, like all great theater, few places will make you feel more alive.


Botswana radiates scale and authenticity, its vast, untamed lands offering a dreamt-up version of old world Africa. Road signs warn of crossing elephants, rhinos maraud across isolated airstrips, and cacophonous hippo-honks accompany every night spent sleeping near water. There are more national parks than major roads, and traffic is genuinely halted by herds of 20 elephants crossing the main highway. Botswana’s immense landscapes may seem fictional, yet they indelibly become real before your eyes. This is an animal kingdom: untouched, unadulterated, and unbelievable until you see it firsthand. Botswana essentially offers four distinct areas for safari visitors. The most famous is the Okavango Delta where there are numerous luxury tented lodges set in the annual flood zones. The Moremi Game reserve and surrounding community concession areas are within the delta and are the heart of the safari industry. Most of Botswana is Kalahari Desert however the delta is a true oasis because waters from Angola flood parts of it every year, creating the Okavango Delta, 'the jewel of the Kalahari'. Elephants are synonomous with Botswana and this is one of the best places to view these majestic giants in Africa. Predators and large mammals like buffalo are also prevalent in abundance. The flood water plains, iconic palm trees and waving grasslands are what make Botswana arguably one of the finest photographic destinations on the planet. 


The Chobe River region, near to Victoria Falls, is probably the next most famous Botswana experience, followed by the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. 


Botswana has long been our favourite safari destination, thanks to the infinte sense of wilderness and unrivaled natural beauty. This epic African hostess offers a wide range of safari options, from mobile camping safaris for the budget traveller as well luxury mobile safaris. There are elephant-back safaris, horse-back safaris, canoe safaris, and of course wonderful 5-star luxury ldoge safaris. Prices vary from very affordable to expensive, the latter sometimes costing over $2000 a night.


Although summer (November to March) can be hot and occasionally rainy, the game viewing at this time is still exceptional. Plus there are often good travel specials on offer, making this an attractive time of year to visit this pristine part of Africa. 

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