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USD 6 950.00



USD 6 950.00







Escape to the heart of South Luangwa National Park, where Kafunta River Lodge awaits with its classic charm and prime location at the edge of a game-rich floodplain on the Luangwa River, one of Africa's premier game viewing areas. Explore the untouched wilderness of Lower Zambezi National Park and experience the thrill of genuine African luxury at Amanzi Camp. Nestled on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, surrounded by ancient trees and teeming with wildlife.


✔ Incredible Wildlife Encounters: Get up close and personal with Zambia's diverse wildlife.
✔ Immerse yourself in untouched wilderness of Luangwa & Lower Zambezi National Parks
✔ Experience game drives and guided walks to boat safaris
✔ Stay at luxurious lodges with unique touches and hospitality
✔ Experienced guides who are passionate about wildlife and conservation.
✔ Learn about wildlife and conservation efforts in Zambia


Day 1 - 4 Kafunta River Lodge, Sth Luangwa
Day 5 - 8 Amanzi Lodge, Lower Zambezi NP

USD 6 950.00

Based on two people sharing a room

​Check with us about seasonal pricing

25% deposit required to secure a booking

Custom departure suitable for individuals, couples, families & small groups​

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Days 1-4: Kafunta River Lodge - Luxurious Comfort on the Kafunta River

Arrive in Lusaka and fly to Mfuwe, transferring to the idyllic Kafunta River Lodge nestled along the Kafunta River.

Escape to the heart of South Luangwa National Park, where Kafunta River Lodge awaits with its classic charm and prime location at the edge of a game-rich floodplain. Step onto your private viewing deck and breathe in the breathtaking panorama of wildlife roaming freely beyond the Luangwa River, one of Africa's premier game viewing areas.

Indulge in the comfort of your luxurious chalet, perched on a raised platform for unobstructed views. Unwind in your tastefully decorated haven, complete with a cozy sitting area, refreshing beverages, and a private bathroom. For an extra touch of luxury, opt for one of the spacious suites boasting a mezzanine with day beds and an open balcony, perfect for savoring the endless vistas.

Gather in the stylish lounge and dining area, a thatched haven overlooking the untouched wilderness. Relax on the expansive decks, soaking in the sights and sounds of nature's vibrant show. As the sun dips below the horizon, savor delectable candlelit meals beneath the vast African sky, serenaded by the gentle sounds of hippos and wildlife lullabies.

Embark on exhilarating game drives, starting from their private river crossing, unlocking remote areas of the park teeming with wildlife. Choose between diverse loops and lagoons in the northern sector, all led by experienced guides who share their deep knowledge of the park's secrets. For a truly immersive experience, opt for early morning walks or overnight bush camps, venturing deep into the untouched wilderness.

As the day draws to a close, witness the spectacular African sunset during an afternoon game drive, culminating in a traditional sundowner amidst the breathtaking scenery. Then, embark on a thrilling night safari in search of nocturnal creatures, uncovering the hidden wonders of the darkness.

Unwind after a day of exploration in the lodge's unique oasis. Take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, or indulge in the tranquility of the only natural hot tub in the Luangwa Valley, its warm waters fed by a geothermal source. During cooler nights, this therapeutic soak becomes the perfect ending to an unforgettable safari adventure.

A typical day on safari here is 

Rise with the sun for a delectable breakfast adventure. Savor freshly baked bread and pastries, steaming winter porridges, vibrant fruit salads, and homemade granola on the main deck. Choose your fuel from a symphony of milks and yogurts—all while the day's anticipation simmers.

Mid-morning beckons with a delightful brunch transformation. Nestled under the thatched roof's cool embrace, the lounge transforms into a buffet brimming with tempting hot dishes and wholesome salads. Indulge in this culinary oasis before your next safari escapade.

As the afternoon stretches, gather for a charming afternoon tea ritual at 3 pm. This delightful interlude precedes your next adventure, preparing your palate for the evening's delights.

Return from your explorations to a four-course feast under a canopy of stars. Imagine flickering candlelight illuminating private tables thoughtfully spaced across the decks, with the gentle symphony of hippos in the waterhole as your soundtrack. Our culinary maestros are dedicated to crafting an exceptional experience, catering to even the most discerning dietary preferences.

Rates here include accommodation, two-game viewing activities per day, all meals & snacks, standard drinks (excluding premium brands), laundry, Mfuwe airport & inter-camp transfers, and all taxes. Our figures generally include park fees at time of publishing which are paid per person per day.

Days 5-8: Amanzi Camp - Unwind in Lower Zambezi National Park Paradise

Fly from Mfuwe to the untouched wilderness of Lower Zambezi National Park, landing at Jeki airstrip where you will be met and transferred to camp. Nestled on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River is the luxurious Amanzi Camp, surrounded by ancient trees and teeming with wildlife, this intimate camp offers a haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Wake up to the gentle roar of the Zambezi and the symphony of birdsong, your private balcony offering breathtaking river vistas. Embark on exhilarating game drives with experienced guides, tracking lions, leopards, elephants, and countless other iconic species across diverse landscapes. Mornings focus on the mopane and acacia forests, bustling with activity, while afternoons unfold against the Zambezi River with golden backdrop of sunsets, as nocturnal creatures awaken.

Beyond the thrilling drives, explore hidden gems on foot. Guided nature walks reveal the intricate details of the ecosystem, from fascinating animal tracks and medicinal plants to ancient trees whispering stories of time. Learn about the delicate balance of this wilderness and gain unique insights into the fascinating behavior of its inhabitants.

Take a serene cruise along the Zambezi, a haven for countless bird species and playful hippos. Immerse yourself in the peace of the river, interrupted only by the chortling of hippos, the cry of the fish eagle, or the majestic sight of elephants crossing to feed. Capture unforgettable moments as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in vibrant hues and flocks of birds return to their roosts. You can also catch the famous Tigerfish on fishing excursions from here.

After a day of exploration, unwind in your tented suite, a haven of comfort and elegance. Relax in your teak double bed, enveloped by a mosquito net that evokes the golden age of African safaris. Enjoy the indulgent amenities, from refreshing showers to a complimentary mini-bar and whiskey tray. Gather with fellow adventurers on the teak sundeck, sharing stories under the vast starlit sky as the campfire crackles merrily.

Amanzi's intimate atmosphere ensures personalized attention and unforgettable experiences. Savor delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, enjoying panoramic river views from the lounge and dining area. Take a refreshing dip in the pool, surrounded by lush greenery, or simply relax on your private balcony, soaking in the breathtaking scenery and the rhythmic flow of the Zambezi.

At Amanzi, your safari is more than just game drives and scenic landscapes. It's a journey of discovery, where you connect with the raw beauty of Africa, learn about its diverse ecosystems, and witness the wonders of its wildlife. From knowledgeable guides to personalized touches, every detail is designed to create an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after you leave.

Rates here include accommodation, all meals, all local beverages, 2 activities per day, laundry, Wi-Fi and transfers from/to both Kulefu and Jeki airstrips. Our figures generally include park and conservation fees which are paid per person per day.

Day 9: Return flight to Lusaka

Ready to embark on your Zambia adventure? Book your stay Conservation Safari Company and prepare to be captivated by the raw beauty, thrilling encounters, and genuine safari spirit that await.

Wildlife: Expect to encounter elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, and a diverse array of birdlife throughout your journey.

Best Time to Visit: The dry season, from May to October, offers the best weather and wildlife viewing opportunities.

✔ Lodge flights at current rates & taxes
✔ Meet & greet, transfers to/from airports and hotels/lodges
✔ All meals, drinks at some camps
✔ Safari activities as specified
✔ Park fees and entrance fees as specified
✔ Laundry
✔ Conservation contribution

Every trip is unique,
let us tailor-make a
Zambia safari for you!

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