We are often asked about adding Namibia on to other itineraries, either in South Africa, Botswana or Zimbabwe. What we would like you to understand is that Namibia is a very big place and can be logistically challenging due to limited domestic flights and this being a low tourist volume destination - which is a good thing! To see regions of Namibia requires time and to see it 'fully' requires at least 10 days or more. It also does not have many connecting flights to neighbouring countries, other than South Africa - so if you want to extend or include Namibia from Botswana or Zimbabwe, you need to add at least a night in either Johannesburg or Windhoek. Here are some more notes on how to get around and see it [all]?


You have a few choices; drive yourself, be driven, join a scheduled group trip [camping or lodge] or a fly-in lodge trip - each of which have advantages and disadvantages.

The key regions of Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland and Etosha are additionally some distance apart, Etosha and Damaraland in the north of the country are a long way from Sossusvlei in the south west - so combining them requires very long days of driving or multiple flights. There are essentially no domestic carrier flights between these key regions, flights are provided by private airlines on a scheduled charter or pure charter basis. Flying is expensive due to the vast distances, and often cost more than the rest of your trip.

Typically you need to know;

  • How much time do you have? [limited time means you need to fly]

  • How many regions you want to include - Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etosha

  • What are you happy spending [if you are trying to contain costs, look at driving, group tours or guided journeys]

  • Are you happy to drive your self [on the left side (British) side of the road]


If you are happy to self-drive in Namibia, please go to our Namibia Self-Drive page, and we can trim and edit a trip to your requirements - this is easily the cheapest way to see Namibia.

If you want to see Namibia on a privately guided road trip, we have a selection of 3 - 7 day trips, that go to the key areas - Sossusvlei, Etosha or both with Swakopmund in between. Staying in basic and comfortable lodges, please see these below;

Sossusvlei Privately Guided 2 nts

Etosha Privately Guided 3 nts

Etosha, Swakopmund & Sossusvlei Privately Guided 6 nts

For brief fly-in safaris to Sossusvlei and Etosha, please see these;

Namibia's Red Dunes Fly-in 2 nts

Etosha Luxury Fly-in 3 nts