Insight to the murky decision to lift the hunting ban in Botswana.

This is a copy of an article, respectfully shared from the Daily Maverick [] Botswana has lifted its ban on hunting based on five myths about that country’s elephant population. The decision has as much to do with Botswana’s upcoming elections and the rural vote as it does with conservation in general, and elephants in particular. Botswana’s Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism has just announcedthat “the government of Botswana has taken a decision to lift the hunting suspension”. The country’s new president, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, recently hosted a summit in Kasane for five southern African heads of state whose countries are home to rough

Tarangire photo essay

John and Loraine recently visited Tanzania on a luxury safari. Tarangire's [Tanzania] dry season delivered plenty of incredible sightings and photo opportunities... #Tanzania #Tarangire

Northern Kruger

3 day camping trip in the Northern reaches of Kruger National Park

Our Botswana Mobile Safari was fantastic!

Our trip was fantastic, We saw many more animals and birds that we could imagine! I especially appreciated the fact that we saw so many different parts of Botswana and learned about the history and customs of the country, too. -- even if it meant long hours in the vehicle. However, our Driver/guide made those long days quite enjoyable with stops and many, many sightings! The camping was a little more primitive than we thought, but every staff person did their best to make it easier for us. We appreciated the prompt answers to all our e-mails ahead of the trip and to the fact that Garrick met with us in Johannesburg before the trip to give us hints and answer more questions. He also made

Immigration update - Children into or via South Africa

Minors younger than 18 Years, to/from South Africa: With both parents, if the minor’s surname is not the same as both parents, must hold an original or a copy of a birth certificate or a passport containing the details of the parents? With 1 parent, must hold an original or a copy of a birth certificate and a parental consent letter from the absent parent or legal guardian containing a copy of his/her passport or identity document and his/her contact details. Alternatively, the following will be required: A letter of special circumstances A court order granting full parental responsibilities and rights or full legal guardianship to the present parent. In case the other parent is deceased, th

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