Adventure of a Lifetime!

Feedback from some guests who just got home; The trip went like clockwork, [other then Air Namibia schedule change] and we arrived back in Salt Lake last Tuesday night. We had a wonderful time at each camp and country. The pictures say the rest... #Namibia #Botswana #ManaPools

The Luxury Safari Bucket List - 2020

My top ‘bucket list' safari experiences has evolved over the years. As I have enjoyed visiting different places, often more than once, I have grown to really appreciate a destination for it’s unique experiences and offerings. Here are my top 9 safari destinations - and the reasons why I love them; 1. The Okavango Delta [Botswana] This is one of the few places in Africa where you can find great wildlife and vast areas of pure wilderness, in some areas it feels like humans haven't set foot here and that there is an elephant around every corner. You can explore immense areas without seeing other vehicles. Wonderfully varied landscapes and a mix of activities like boating and kayaking create a t

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