Where is Real Wilderness? Can you find it on a luxury African safari?

One might assume that where there is wilderness there is wildlife and where there is wildlife, there is wilderness - but that is not always the case. Take one of South Africa’s private reserves for example, like Madikwe in the north west province. If you visit this reserve you are almost definitely going to see lions, elephants, buffalo, rhino and possibly leopard. It is renowned for sightings of both white and black rhino as well as wild dogs. One might assume that this 65000 hectare reserve is real wilderness if all these species are regularly seen, but on a scale of 1 to 10, as a wilderness experience, Madikwe scores quite low, probably only three or four out of ten. Let me explain. The r

What a fantastic time we had...on our luxury South Africa safari!

Some incredible photo memories, from a beautiful family - my great friends, Ben & Becky Field [highly accomplished photographer] who travelled with their oldest son and family to South Africa - their first trip and Ben & Becky's [I cant remember, but they are seasoned safari goers] We had an epic trip as a family and being with Dad and Becky. South Africa blew our minds. So many amazing experiences and all surrounded by incredibly meaningful family time. Check out our luxury South Africa safari itineraries here

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