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  • Jamie Thom

Serengeti Safari - Landscapes and wildlife images from one of the most beautiful places on earth!

I have had a fascination with the Serengeti for a long time, the plains, the wildlife, the migration - inspired by the books of Hugo van Lawick and of course countless documentaries by Alan Root, Animal Planet, BBC and so many others. On our trip we started in central Serengeti and worked our way north - the scenery is just mesmerizing, some of the most beautiful drives with rolling plains and wildlife as far as the eye can see. The migration had already returned to Tanzania from Kenya, early this year, so we didn't see much of the exciting river crossings, but we didn't go specifically for that. I wouldn't bank on seeing that action at any time because it is unpredictable. The lead wildebeest and zebra were arriving in Seronera in central Serengeti already, while the bulk of the herd was still in the north of the park - so very spread out over an 80 mile range. The images say the rest, we saw a lot!

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