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  • Jamie Thom

The trip was amazing [Rwanda and Tanzania Safari]

The trip was amazing. My husband said his favorite thing was our guide John in the Serengeti. He made our trip.

We loved the hike to see the gorillas. And loved walking in the Serengeti and scaring up a pride of lions. We did not take cameras on the hikes. We just wanted to experience everything. We did get to see the wildebeest migration and it was mind blowing how many there were. I was glad they didn't go into the water the first day we were there because there were so many crocodiles there. I also loved talking with a Bushman that was in our first camp .

We saw almost every animal you can see on the first day in the Crater. Our guide said it takes most people a week or two to see that much. We also saw some cool things like an ant trail that we could not find the beginning or end of. And the birds were incredible.

We loved the first three camps, Pembezoni, Mysigio, Serengeti walking camp. Everyone was so nice.

The Wayo Serengeti North Camp was our least favorite. We got there in the rain and we stood outside the vehicle waiting for someone to greet us or tell us where we were supposed to go. Our guide came over after dinner and we told him everything. He made sure the bed got changed and when we got back from our game drive they got us hot water right away for a shower. I really didn't need the flush toilet or anything fancy. Just wish they were more organized like the other camps. They pulled it together in the end.

One of the highlights was while walking in the Serengeti the guide who was right in front of me said in a loud whisper "Lions". I looked up just in time to see the male running the other way and three adult females sit up and look at us. They had cubs. I think the guide saw 9 or 11 total. We stayed put for a while and then walked slowly and had to stop every once in a while and look at them. It was pretty cool. I never once felt scared. Our guide and the ranger were on top of everything and knew what to do.

[In Kigali, Rwanda] We were also glad to have gone to the Genocide museum. It was very moving. If you get out of there without crying, I don't want to know you. Then to see how well the people are doing today. It was inspiring.

A few suggestions for other travelers, Spray all of your clothing at home, (someone put a line up in their garage) with Pyrethrin. It works and lasts a long time. Don't wait to do it when you get there. Once it is dry you can pack it and it will last your whole trip.

Take a refillable water bottle. They really don't want you to use one use bottles and the vehicles have water in them.

We got so many cool pictures. I can't figure out how to attach them. I will get help and send you a few.

Thank you for planning a great trip. I'm better at talking than typing.

Marlene S



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