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Words fail me...

We are always grateful for feedback from our clients and sometimes we are moved at just how powerful some of these safari experiences can be, here is a comment from one of clients who recently visited Botswana - and some amazing photographs!

Hi Jamie

I have started and stopped emailing you about 3 times as words were failing me when trying to thank you for your help. I had the most amazing time, life changing experiences at both camps. I thought my husband would get bored but he loved every second of every day. Actually he requested full days out at both lodges, leaving for early morning drive and only getting back about 6:30/7pm. I took some awesome pics, loved the staff and Botswana blew my mind. We met some wonderful travellers and if I could put it into a sentence I can only say that it completely exceeded my expectations. I cried as our plane took off and I had to say goodbye to a land that I felt like I belonged to.

Robyn L, South Africa.

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