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Our expectation-defying family safari to South Africa

This note has taken me far too long to write because it has felt like my household has been running a marathon of tasks and events since returning from Africa. But what has helped make that marathon bearable is the joy we get in telling every single person we meet about our expectation-defying trip. I knew we were going to have fun - traveling to a totally new part of the world, seeing animals, learning history & culture, and making memories traveling with my parents - but I truly was just astounded at how wonderful it was. It's still kind of hard to believe we actually had the experiences we did and saw the things we saw. People who know anything about going on a safari in Africa ask us if we saw the Big 5 and we delight in saying yes, 4 times over! We were so lucky.

I have to credit your planning with making the trip so wonderful. The accommodations you selected were perfect, the free schedule in Cape Town to account for weather and interests was a great call, the trips to the Wildlife Centers and panoramic views with a local guide added a lot to the incredible game drives, and the order of the trip from Cape Town to Phelwana to Mantobeni was just right. And those hats and scarfs were lifesavers!

We have thousands (I'm not exaggerating) of pictures we're still sorting through but I did pick out 10 to share with you that I think show what a great time we had. From the top of Table Mountain to our game drive vehicles.

Thank you again so much for all the logistics and planning to make this trip possible!

Jenn, Graham, Addy & Cora



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