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  • Jamie Thom

Kruger never disappoints !

I spent a few days up in the Greater Kruger National Park (South Africa) with friends at the end of March. It was great to see the brown and gray backdrops from my last visit in November transformed by the summer rains into lush green dense bush. The trade off to this emerald landscape teaming with birdlife, was that game viewing was made very difficult.

But as you can see, Kruger never disappoints and we managed to get our fair share of great sightings during our two day-trips into the park!

The draw back of safari in National parks is that vehicles can't go off-road to track and view game. I recommend that if you are considering traveling to this region in March, that you spend your time in one of the private reserves that border on the National Park. The ability to go off road is a game changer.

Recommended Safari: Simply Kruger Safari

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