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  • Jamie Thom

Visiting the Maasai - Tanzania & Kenya Safari

Visiting the Maasai or a Maasai village in Tanzania is a worthwhile experience, to get insight to the traditional lives of this famous African tribe - whose villages you will see through much of northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. They will often put on a dance for you, guide you through the village, showing their animal enclosures and take you inside their huts. It is important to know that most of these 'villages' are set up for tourists and they are hoping you will empty your wallets by buying beadwork and crafts, and also to support their schools etc. It is usually $50 per vehicle and then you can enter, get the tour and buy crafts. I have learnt however to see past the commercially driven nature of these tourist villages because it is one of the few ways that you can photograph the people.

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