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  • Jamie Thom

A feast of Panthers in the Sabi Sands - a photo story by Garrick Barnard

My colleague Garrick had the opportunity to join some of our clients at MalaMala Game Reserve last year for four days. MalaMala is inside the Sabi Sands if you were wondering. I was fortunate enough to start my guiding career there in 1995, and spent four years captivated by all that the reserve had to show. In just four days Garrick, with Karl and Gayle, had a spectacular time and can only be described as a feast of panthers.

They stayed in the more luxury of MalaMala's camps, called Rattray's Camp, named after the founder, as this was the most economical way of obtaining a private vehicle - which was essential for a photo mission like they had.

Enjoy these images of Garrick's and imagine what you could see in just a few days in the Sabi Sands...



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