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  • Jamie Thom

Supporting Education and Supporting Conservation - Lesedi School, Victoria Falls

In 2022 on a trip to Hwange National Park, I happened to visit this school with a colleague, who had heard about what was going on at Lesedi. He had arranged to meet Benson Siyawareva, a legendary safari guide from Zimbabwe, and founder of Lesedi School. He was there on a Sunday, with his sleeves rolled up and in work mode. He showed us around the school and described how it all began; from literally a tiny tin roof structure as a play school, to what it is now - a thriving hub of education and well-being - all in just eight years. I was blown away by what he, and Fiona have achieved - all with private funding. What motivated me to support them in this initiative, is how humble and passionate Benson is, and how much of his personal time and money he has applied to this project - and continues to do so. I think everyone knows how critical education is to society and ultimately to conservation, especially in a key area like this. Our $1000.00 contribution will be used for the running and development of the school.



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