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The Best Armchair Safaris in Botswana

So you might be asking what is an 'armchair safari'? Well it is the type of safari where you don't hop in a game drive vehicle in search of animals but rather into a comfy chair and let the wildlife come to you. There are probably times when you have had enough bouncing around in a vehicle with associated diesel noise and dust, when you just want to relax; listen to the sounds and observe what might approach the water. It may be quiet or action-packed, you never quite know; a heron fishing on the water's edge, a noisy herd of elephants approaching, or a bouncy family of warthogs...

You need three things for a successful armchair safari; a waterhole or body of water, lots of thirsty animals, and that comfy chair on your deck or perhaps in a hide - typically enjoyed on hot and dry days - and maybe with a cold drink in hand! But where can all this work in Botswana?

Here are a couple of photos and links to lodges where I think you might have a successful armchair safari in Botswana!

Savuti's - log-pile hide

Dinaka Camp - underground hide

Leroo la Tau - Boteti River



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