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  • Jamie Thom

What a great place for wildlife - Botswana Safari

All the big-animal sightings were great Jamie. What a great place for wildlife. We had great wild dog action at all three camps, Kwando River being the best. Lions were moving a little slow, but we found them everywhere. Leopards were harder to find, but found a few in trees. The cheetahs were a surprise for us all, and so was the lone rhino in the Okavango. We followed a cheetah as it went right in front of our lodgings. Unfortunately it didn't hunt too seriously. Saw a wildcat too and we got some good birds experiences. Our guides were more the tracker type for the predators (which they were great at), but we got them to slow down for some bird action and helped them find good positioning for the water birds. The boat ride in the Okavango was great for birds. We might have gone to the same rookery as we saw on the UBA. Saw a river otter.

Thanks again for all the logistic work. I know it is tough to piece it all together, but I really appreciate you doing all that. Everything worked fine. Our luggage never got weighed, but the pilot did comment once about our bags being too heavy. He didn't know we bought extra kg's, but the camp informed them later. Covid test in the bush was very efficient and results were ready at the airport. They gate agents didn't take our paper results copies, so they must be done doing that. Also, on the way there, everyone on the plane got rapid covid tested upon arrival in Maun from JNB. We all passed. That process was efficient too, not a big delay.

Looking forward to getting our safari team together again for the next adventure.




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